Audi A3 hatchback Boot leak


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I've just bought an 2008/9 A3 and the seller managed to hide/distract a boot leak from me, I was going to take the spare wheel out as I noticed some moisture on the wheel, he said it was just condensation. I forgot you had to screw the cap to take it out so when I pulled it didn't budge and he had loads of stuff in the boot too and he said there's too much stuff in there, I asked if there was a leak after he said no it's condensation I swear, it's mint and then the subject was switched. I planned to look again but I forgot. Anyway I've bought it and got it home, I took out the wheel the next day and the wheel well was full of water ell roughly a cm . It wasn't an ideal situation as I travelled 200 miles and it was raining / snowing and getting dark.

I know this leak has been covered but I'm a bit confused as to what I'm looking for and how it should look. Also could a leak come from the spoiler as I notice a little rubber sticking out.

I read about the lights not being right with the rubber.

Drain bungs I'm not sure what these are?

Removing the boot liner? is that the carpet trim around the sides?

I have attached some pics, if you could take a look and say if any look suspect or where the things I should check are.


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The little rubber sticking out on the spoiler on the right hand side if facing the car. pic attached.


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Certainly looks a dirty and maybe a bit of rust around the top corner of the the rear lights. Take the light units out and see if there are water track marks going past the lamp unit seal.


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This might also be worth a look,saw it on a post similar to yours.

Paul Roberts sent me this message
Yes, the road wheel & wheel arch cover. When removed, I found the rubber tube coming through the top of the wheel arch not fitted correctly, seal it in properly & your problem should be solved. The rubber tube allows water to run onto the top of the plastic wheel arch cover & run down to the ground. If this isn't seated properly, the water runs down the top of the wheel arch instead, & collected where you have seen the grommet. Good luck.
I found this very helpful. Take the wheel off and the wheel arch covers above where the wheel is. I had my local village garage do this and they re sealed the tube. Its actually not rained as much since to really test it but today the boot is dry. Before when I took off the left hand hatch cover within the boot in the corner at the back ,water would soon mount up. Its still a little wet but hasn't made the boot interior wet. So I still have my fingers crossed. I have a friend with a cabriolet with the same problem and hers was in the audi garage last week for repair. I'm waiting to see if its the same solution or something else.
Hope this helps but its credit to Paul if it does.