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Audi A3 CR140

AdamC95 Feb 10, 2018

  1. AdamC95

    AdamC95 Member

    Thought i would start a project thread as hopefully i will be able to start progressing the car this year.

    Bit about the car when i bought it

    So i bought the car October 2016 on 84,000 miles
    It had the following;
    Full Audi Service History (Cambelt & Water Pump was done earlier in 2016)
    Rnse sat nav
    Half leather heated seats
    Cruise Control
    Auto Lights & Wipers
    Stop Start (£30 tax)

    Only thing i do wish i got was the upgraded projecter lights as i do really think it sets the front end of, however to retro fit this it would end up costing to much i think.

    I have not really done many mods since owning the car due to keeping up with the maintenance.

    Throughout the back end of 2017 i have done the following;

    4x new tyres
    New brake discs and pads all around
    New DMF and Clutch
    Full service (every service part)
    Gearbox oil change while we was doing the clutch
    Anti roll bar linkeages on both sides
    Ball joints on both sides
    Wheel bearing
    Cv joint

    The only mod i have done so far is a DPF & EGR delete along with a remap where the car produced 202.9bhp & 307.6 lb/ft

    Current and upcoming plans hopefully;

    Alloy refurbishment (will either be later this month or march)

    Keep thinking about upgrading the ICE but not sure what head unit to go for which will work with all the standard controls on the steering wheel
    I would also upgrade all the speakers at the same time

    Eibach lowering springs, but due to the mileage of the car now i keep thinking if i am replacing the springs the shocks will most likely need replacing soon but i dont want to go down the coilover route as it means spending serious money to keep the comfort of the ride.

    Possibly might try to get more power out of the car but to even get the car running at 250bhp i would be looking at spending atleast 5k car on upgrades.

    Front bumper respray as the misses caught the front bumper on the kerb.

    Will upload some better pictures after the next clean.


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