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Hi all

I’ve recently picked up a set of oem rims (same style as original) in the main to replace an unsightly one where the diamond cut/lacquer was cracked & peeling away. My original set are from 2013
The rims I bought are the same style, stamped by Audi with a date (2019) printed on them. So I’m thinking they are likely off a facelift A3. I’ve had them fitted with new tyres to the car today.
The centre caps that this set came with are a slightly different design/ darker colour than the original set. Hard to see in picture but look at crease at the bottom of each centre cap spoke, so the spokes of them sit flatter as a result.
A couple are a little faded so I was going to keep the centre caps from the original set. They do fit but because of the design don’t cover the wheel nuts as well. Cant see it well in picture but at the right angle you can see all of the wheel nuts which sort of defeats the point in the cover.
the original centre caps/ wheels have two little lugs that clip in when fitting, but the set on the newer rims only have one notch on centre cap/wheel. Can someone confirm the part number for the centre caps that I should have, as I may order myself a new set.
8RO 601 165 ‘made in Spain’ are the original 2013 set that don’t fit the new 2019 wheels well. Have two lugs to push into the two notches on the alloy centre. Also lighter in colour.

4FO 601 165 came with the newer set of rims. These fit & cover the nuts better, but are a darker colour & only have 1 lug to fit into the 1 notch on the alloy centre
D8D3903B-7576-47FB-9931-5F6BBBFC5C66.jpeg 62147A1A-710F-4B1B-A68B-E54A2A5CA7A6.jpeg 31F87ABF-AD99-499A-8CFE-9455C13FFD4E.jpeg CF2070AA-155B-458A-9AA3-4412CA67260D.jpeg
Have a look at the following link as you can see the part numbers etc. I’ve also did a screen shot of the caps you have with details. Ideally if you input the part number of the wheel it should also show centre caps etc.


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