Audi a3 brakes

mike green

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Had my A3 s-line serviced in August full hit brake fluid the lot . It came back with a spongy brake pedal took it back they bled the system again put more back in, the pedal was still spongy they diagnosed a master cylinder issue. It's been in the workshop now 2 days had two new master cylinders fitted at no extra cost to myself . It is a vw audi specialist garage and they havnt got a clue. They have pressure tested all the lines and checked for air blockages and split hoses etc but still cant tell me what the issue is . They told me to take to a main dealer but loathed to pay those prices . Any ideas please !!!


Audi A3 2010 Sportback 2.0 TDI 170 (CBBB engine)
Never heard of professionals struggling like this with a relatively simple brake set up. I can only think they are either totally incompetent or lying and trying to pull the wool over your eyes with regard to the master cylinder. If all they did was change the brake fluid, they only really touch the "bleed screws" - so my suspicion would start there. Did they strip a thread or damage/replace a bleed screw incorrectly resulting in a leak? Routine servicing work is often given to trainees.

The only thing I found with my car was that after changing all discs and pads it took around 300 miles for the pads to thoroughly bed-in and for the pedal to feel fully "firm & sharp" again.