Audi A3 - Bose Amp - Help please


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I have an 04 Audi A3 with the factory Bose sound system installed.

Recently, instead of music coming from my speakers, all I get is a low clicking with a noticble gap between clicks. I believe the amp is faulty or something has become loose. I have checked all relevant fuses etc.

This may seem like an easy question, but could someone please direct me to how to access the rear driver cubby hole area where the amp is installed so I can check/replace it? I have pulled up the boot lip trim and folded the rear seat forward but I just cannot figure out the method to remove the panel. I can see a torx screw behind a blanking plate near the seat belt that is covered when the rear side is upright. When I unscrew this I do not notice the panel become loose etc.

Help would be much appreciated as I am getting very bored of my commute with no music :)

Below is the photo of the side panel.





You have gone the right way about this in lifting boot slam panel etc, I believe however there is another screw that is by the grid thing you can see below where the parcel shelf sits. It is then a case of pulling all the panel away. There are a quite a few clips, both metal and plastic, so you will have to give it a bit of persuasion. There are a few between black trim and White pillar plastic. It will come away though if you persuade it enough.

Be careful not to lose the fuel cap release behind the panel by the way. I notice the cover is missing from your trim already. It is a pain the backside to retrieve if it decides to drop down.


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Thanks for the info. Based on the fact that I get clicking out of all speakers and that the Audi Concert HU appears to be fine in that it tunes to channels plays CDs (just no music comes out of the speakers) would this definately point to an AMP problem? Do you think I should try and get hold of a second hand HU to try that first as this is much easier to test or am i wasting my time?


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No Rick it'll be the amp, Bose amps are not the most reliable in the world, they are built to such tight tolerances to squeeze the maximum power from a relatively small unit. Removing the panel is a 5 minute job and there are plenty of replacement amps on ebay.