Audi A3 Black Edition stolen last night/this morning


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2.0 TDI Black Edition, Ibis White
Stolen last night/this morning from around Sheffield area I think, or not far from there
It was my old A3
Keep an eye out guys, they broke into the house and took the keys but left iPad and the other car etc
It was completely std as took all of my mods off before selling in Feb/March



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ahh not another f*cking one!!

something has to be done for the security of these cars... its not on and its ****** annoying!


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This is taking the **** now......hope it's found in one piece!



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I think you 8p boys need to start taking your coil packs to bed with you rather than your keys. rims already troops?


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Its so annoying everytime I go onto this forum,I hear someone's car being stolen. Something gotta be done about this,I think if anyone has a car that worth over 10K,they should buy steering wheel lock and tracking system.


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Can't believe it, it winds me up so much how there just nicking these cars all the time and getting away with it.


Moon is made of green cheese
Good man, looks much better and sitting nicely!


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for petes sake a 2.0 Tdi is not even a performance car. swiping an S3 I can understand but breaking into a hosue for a 140 bhp hatchback is just ludicrous.

I am getting a bit tetchy about getting one now.