Audi A3 Black Edition Jan 2011


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Sep 23, 2011
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I would like to activate the coming home/leaving home lights on my car. I have no auto light switch. I think, having read many posts on here, that i can alter the computer settings to enable this function (i do know that this will mean the lights will be on during the day as well). Can anyone advise me where in the computer, i can find the settings that need to be altered and more importantly what i need to type to make the car do this? Many thanks
Hi there,
If you navigate thru the Drivers information system via the switch on the right stalk, you will find the option to check/uncheck the lights options, the coming/leaving home function is located within that menu.
If your vehilce does not have this function i'm sure your Audi dealer will tech the car to set the function for you.

Hope this helps. :salute:
may sound daft but what does this function do ? :unsure:
Follow this link, cominghomelights - Audi Retrofit

I have the same car as you and did the mod a couple of weeks ago, the mod does not mean your lights will be on during the day, only on when you lock / unlock the car for your predetermined time.

You will need VCDS to enable the function.

PS - only check Byte 00 Bit 07 and not 05 as well.
my interior lights come on, should the headlights come on as well then? i to don't have auto lighting
looked at the mod, looks simple enough but i don't have access to VCDS :shrug:
Thanks Avus, Makes complete sense. Its nice to know someone with the same car has activated this CM/LH lights. I wasn't sure if we needed the wire or not. Now i know you do! Thanks
Thanks TheStreetman. Avus seems to have the perfect answer. The Audi Retro fit also nails it!
Avus do you have the repair wires? Was trying this mod last night with Trups but we didn't install the wire. Also he noted things had changed under the dash on my new car. Do you know where to put the wire on these later models? Also need to double check the coding too, as i'm not sure what was inputted.
Just removed the dash cover as instructed and as Helifella says there has been a bit of a change down below! Any idea were the wire goes as Block H, port 12 isn't there :-(
Hi Samboii,

Can I ask where you bought the repair wire and how much it was?
My local Audi Garage and it cost £2.12.... but were do i fit it!!!
Thanks, I will wait for someone to tell us before I go and buy one. Hopefully Avus Sportback can tell us???
new facelift cars have different CE modules, with 3 main big plugs as opposed to the 10 smaller plugs we have in the older cars.
you need plug C pin 18 if you really want to do the wire route.
So if i fit the wire and alter the coding via VCDS i should have Coming Home/Leaving home lights?