Audi A3 ashtray delete/ambient lighting


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Im in the process of completing this with the help of a good few guides on here, my 1 question is how does the ambient strip fit into place?



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Just take the CC out, the light goes below the CC at the back, but it’s above the pocket - I know I’m not making much sense.

To be honest, this mod/upgrade is one of the most elusive photo based upgrades on the forum…. I wish I’d taken more but can’t be bothered taking the CC back out.


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ive put the triangles back in they need to be out or just the CC unit?

You not sorted it yet Codrock ?

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not yet had a go at the triangles need to come back out?

It depends on what cc unit you have if it’s the later type without the section that sticks out I think you can get away with pulling it out and turning it. Though for the shake of a couple of screws to avoid damage I’d pull them out. Once it’s out though like it says above you just put the light in through the cc hole and slide it in the recess underneath it. Mines on stands at the minute for a different issue but I’ll pop my cc out later and take some pics if that’ll help?

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