Audi A3 agu turbo/oil problem help

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right my freind has a old a3 agu with 200k on it,
The other week we was going to a car show and I was following and he phoned me to say his oil light just came on but we're we're stuck in traffic at the car show entrance,
When we got there he turned it of and I checked the oil
After about an hour or so he drove home (no light on)about 2 mile then left it and had it recovered.
And had a new oil pump and the pickup cleaned with new oil.
I help out at the garage so I took it for a 20 plus mile test drive fine.
When he picked it up he drove 30 mile home and just as he got back the oil light come on then went of,then come back on and the turbo started screeming so he stopped it and pushed it the few hundred yards home.
Then got it recoverd,the mechanic at the garage says that there is no visible damage to the engine internals and he had oil pressure gauges etc on it,he said the only noticeable thing is the turbos dead.
So if he buys a new one the macanic said if it's not that he will cover the costs.
Would the turbo going cause the oil light to come on,and is it just a massive coenidence that it's gone after doing 50 mile since the oil pump and pick up was replaced.
Sorry for the massive post.


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Had a similar run of events to your mate with my S3 a couple of months back.I had low oil pressure problem and changed my oil pump,etc.

Next drive out on boost and the turbo started screeching but no low oil light.My turbo was knackered...

My theory was that due to the low oil pressure it fried/dried up the turbo oil seals through starvation (approx. 135000 miles) then back up to normal oil pressure after fitting the pump,etc. it blew the turbo seals then mashed the turbo.

Maybe the same happened to your mate but as said,I didn't have the oil light come up when the turbo went just plumes of smoke out the exhaust.

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Ant b

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I dunno if it was smoking it was dark,he said the light came on then went off,but the next day he started it quick and it wasn't on,
My theory is the same as yours about the turbo got damaged before and tbh at 200k on the original turbo it's done well and he's gonna put a ko3s on anyway.
He just dosent wanna spend £300 on a recon turbo for it to f**k up again


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Was probably too late for the pump, damage was already done.

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