Audi A3 8y Deceleration in Sport mode


I have a really weird issue with my A3 8y, i can select between D or spot mode,
Even with almost full battery, this issue happens.
When I'm driving in D Mode either ev or hybrid (i even tried hold battery mode) the regenerate brake is smooth, but immediately when i try the Sport mode either in efficiency or Sport driving move if i accelerate let's says 60 km/h if i take the foot from the pedal the brake is huge (almost to 30km/h) and no, The speed limit is 50, so I'm not sure why this is happening only in the S mode. Does anyone have this issue?


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Yes the deceleration is much more aggressive in sport mode. This is how the car is, I doubt there is an issue. It does help recharge the battery during braking in sport mode as it barely recharges at all in anything but sport mode (2017 US version).