Audi A3 8V 2.0TDI sline


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Hi Everyone
I have been experiencing an issue with the climate control / blower on my Audi A3 8V 2014. The interior blower fan intermittently blows fine but will then whine to a halt where it will stop working all together.

I removed the blower fan from under the glovebox to check for debris and did not find anything out of the ordinary. I am assuming it is the bearing which is faulty.
I put everything back together and seems I have developed a new fault. The mmi switches on as normal when I start the car, however after ten odd seconds it crashes (screen goes black) and the system becomes unresponsive. After approx 30 seconds it switches back on and works as normal. I removed the mmi unit from under the glovebox and reseated the connections however fault still persists?

I would appreciate your help and advice.



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Sorry can't assist on diagnosing the Audi. :blue: