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Audi A3(8P) 2012 Repair Manual For DIY repair

dacfa38p Aug 27, 2019

  1. dacfa38p

    dacfa38p Registered User

    Hello everyone,

    I just bought an A3(8p) 2012, 2.0TDI hatchback 3door Manual 6speed and is a lovely car, but I have to do some work on it because I will use it mainly in motorway soonish and needs to be fixed.

    At the moment I have to change both front brake discs because they are rust and also I will take the chance to replace the brake pads. (brand recommendation? Brembo, Mintex, Bosch, EBC and where can I find the best prices?)

    Also in the MOT test, I have found this:
    ****Offside Front Track rod end ball joint dust cover damaged or deteriorated, but preventing the ingress of dirt (2.1.3 (g) (i)) (any brand recommendation for this)

    I ask for quotations for change both brake disc, brake pads and ball joint cover and they want to charge me between 370£ and 400£ which honestly I feel is overpriced and I will only get budget replacement parts.

    For the job that has to be carried out, for that motive I decided to do it myself and in case I feel something is no the way I like it I will take to the garage to give it a look if everything is fine.

    But I have a problem I have been looking for the PDF manuals to repair this to know things such as OEM code, new parts sizes, and the right Torque I will need when I put things back together.

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  3. leonwilliams

    leonwilliams Registered User

    Hi I have same model but 5 door all these jobs you could do your self. It's not complicated to change discs and pads loads of how to do videos on YouTube. Tells you what type of tools required and specific tools.

    I've changed my front discs and pads not the rear they need specialist equipment, I've changed my front drop links just having right tools and having faith in yourself and the cash you would save.

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  4. kcpism

    kcpism Registered User

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  5. Nessy

    Nessy VW + Audi mad

    Those are terrible quotes!
    I think my car has the same brakes as yours, my PR codes for the brakes are 1ZE fronts and 1KD rears.
    I’d stick to a well-known brand , preferably an OEM one.
    I’ve used Brembo with absolutely no problems and Textar and Jurid too.
    Best bet is to shop around and find the prices from EuroCarParts (ECP) and GSF and compare with say Amazon.
    Never , ever , buy anything from ECP without using a discount code (they have offers all the time!) and be aware ECP have a cheaper online-only subsidiary called carparts4less.co.uk and they also trade on eBay as carpartssaver and carpartsbargains
    In June of this year I replaced my front discs & pads and used ATE for both , total cost was £84.
    The pads were £40 from EuroCarParts and the discs £44 from Amazon.
    Yes you will need some tools which you may not have , a 7mm hex head bit or long Allen key is needed to undo the calliper carrier to extract the pads and a large socket (think it’s 19mm?) to undo the 2 bolts holding the calliper bracket and so allow the disc to be removed .
    A small torx bit (T30?) is needed as well to remove the disc securing screw.
    It wouldn’t cost a lot to acquire all the tools if needed though, and the job is easy enough!
    The track rod end is easy enough to change, although you’ll probably need a ball joint splitter tool (I needed one last time I had that joint apart) and you’d probably want to get the tracking/alignment done afterwards though.
    For the track rod end I’d go with a decent make like Lemforder or TRW.
    If you do the jobs yourself you’d save heaps on the above quotes, which tbh are ridiculous.
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  6. samisnake

    samisnake Registered User

    if your brake pr code is 1ZE youre looking at £100 on eurocarparts for brembo discs and pads, and a trw offside track rod end.

    £300 in labour is a joke for that work. would recommend getting the car aligned after changing the track rod end. looking at £30 to £60, depending where you go, what deals are available etc.
  7. samisnake

    samisnake Registered User

  8. prt57

    prt57 Registered User

    You might be lucky in that the discs come off without removing the calliper carrier. If not then to get the calliper carrier off the wheel needs to be at full right steering lock if you are doing the right wheel so you can access the 2 x 21mm bolts and they will be extremely tight. It is recommended these bolts are replaced when they are removed.
    The torque for the guide pin bolts is 30Nm but you will need to check the torque of the calliper carrier nuts as this seems to vary. As a guide, last week, I did the same job on a TT and the torque on the carrier was 190Nm but you must research your car.
  9. SootySport

    SootySport Registered User

    If you’ve changed brake parts on other cars, you should have no problem with a diy job on an Audi. The principles are the same.

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