audi a3 8L track car


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i currently have a volvo s40 t5 engined track car and as i have a audi a3 t for the road i think one would make a good track car but there seems to be nothing on the net some one out there must have one if so pics please. if nothing else it would look great


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I thought about this with the S3 in a few years when i need a new car...
Thought stripping it down, coilovers, BT etc and it would be a rocket of a track car, however cost is going to be huge!
Never seen one though, as you say be interesting if someone has tried it!


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i think if you stripped it down enough, like hardcore strippage you wouldnt even need a bt to make it abit of a track animal! im going to do it with my QT once ive got myself an s3! theres PLENTY of weight to be saved from all the heavy interior


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me and my mate got our s40 down to 1190 kilos still got some to take out aswell so would be intresting to see how light you could get an a3/s3. my other option was using the t5 engine in an a3 does anyone know if this would be to much hassle the t5 is currently running 226bhp had it rolling roaded friday and a knackered a3 wont cost alot so will be nice and cheap


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you've got to ask yourself, what will the A3 do that the S40 can't? If you asked sombody to make a list of what makes a good base track car I just don't think an A3 will tick many of the boxes IMO


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a3q 1.8t I built engine & turbo for now sprints in SW Sprint/Hillclimb c'ship, winning its class on first 2 events I believe

previously matt20v car if you search on here you may find his build thread


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Haha, was searching google for pics of that old white S3 track car that's now green / grey, and this was the first thing that came up!

Oh how times have changed! Now everybody seems to be having a go.

Wonder if the OP ever continued with his plan?