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I've bought a carista to check codes on my car as I safety system system fault message on my cars mmi.
There seems to be an error with headlight aiming aswell, checking the code online points to the rear left sensor being defective. But im not sure about the airbag fault.

Here is the detailed ecu read, any help or point in the right direction is appreciated.

ECU info obtained with Carista 5.4.3 for Android:

CAN network gateway
Part #: 5Q0907530T
Component: GW MQB High
Software version: 1188
ASAM/ODX identifier: EV_GatewLear
Coding: 030100040F0876005B000248080B00000001010000000000000000000000 (hex)
[No fault codes]

Central electronics
Part #: 5Q0937084AJ
Component: BCM MQBAB H
Software version: 0134
Coding: 07040A42C24120DD03844004B31C07A80000000000000000000000000000 (hex)
[No fault codes]

Steering wheel
Part #: 8V0953521BM
Component: Lenks. Modul
Software version: 0110
Coding: 8408 (hex)
[No fault codes]

Part #: 5Q0959655N
Component: AirbagVW20
Software version: 0361
ASAM/ODX identifier: EV_AirbaVW20SMEVW37X
Coding: 98CCC0000C0000005C5400CA00C800000065 (hex)
Fault codes:

9443332 Manufacturer-specific code
Instrument cluster
Part #: 8V0920971E
Component: KOMBI
Software version: 4291
ASAM/ODX identifier: EV_DashBoardVDDMQBAB
Coding: 67850A002B8026000100BA001000000000000000 (hex)
[No fault codes]

Part #: 5Q0907379L
Component: ESC
Software version: 0471
ASAM/ODX identifier: EV_Brake1UDSContiMK100IPB
Coding: 12F18AA224240A6C0180060541C42548512450806082A4F2004100788608 (hex)
[No fault codes]

Power steering
Part #: 5Q0909144P
Component: EPS_MQB_ZFLS
Software version: 1043
ASAM/ODX identifier: EV_SteerAssisMQB
Coding: 8103 (hex)
[No fault codes]

Heater & air conditioning
Part #: 8V0820043C
Component: AC Automat
Software version: 0052
ASAM/ODX identifier: EV_AirCondiFrontVaAU37X
Coding: 03100104002000011000000000001100 (hex)
[No fault codes]

Front passenger's door
Part #: 5Q0959592B
Component: TSG BFS
Software version: 0025
ASAM/ODX identifier: EV_DCUPasseSideEWMAXKLO
Coding: 001086204C01040000001002 (hex)
[No fault codes]

Driver's door
Part #: 5Q0959593B
Component: TSG FS
Software version: 0025
ASAM/ODX identifier: EV_DCUDriveSideEWMAXKLO
Coding: 00108E200001040000001002 (hex)
[No fault codes]

Headlight aiming
Part #: 5Q0907357
Component: LWR-ECU
Software version: 0080
ASAM/ODX identifier: EV_HeadlRegulVWLWRMQB
Coding: 018C000001000000 (hex)
Fault codes:
5256725 Manufacturer-specific code

Part #: 04L906021AQ
Component: R4 1.6l TDI
Software version: 9229
ASAM/ODX identifier: EV_ECM16TDI01104L906021AQ
Coding: 02190012030501092000 (hex)
[No fault codes]

Infotainment system
Part #: 8V0035874B
Component: MU-S-ND-ER
Software version: 0420
ASAM/ODX identifier: EV_MUStd4CPASE
Coding: 01730301FF00000021111101000A00002F0001460100010006 (hex)
[No fault codes]