Audi A3 30TFSI s-line

Jay Zaccarini

JZ new A3
Hi everyone,

I'm new to this forum and thought I'd create a thread about the new A3.

I picked up my new A3 in September moving from the old A1. I got the glacier white 30tfsi manual, it's actually a really good engine and is brilliant for what I use the car for.

I wa just wondering if someone could find the spec of the standard audi system for me please? Can't find it anywhere , all I know is it doesn't have a sub woofer so I'm getting one fitted in a few weeks.



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Log into myAudi and register your car with it and you should see the cars spec


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That will probably not state how many speakers, just look in the spare wheel well. With the A3, in the past, there was no woofer. You had to specify either the Audi Sound System or the B&O...