Audi A3 3 Door 2011 Mods??


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Guys just bought my new car

Audi A3 2011 8P3 2.0 TDI 140BHP

Anyone want to share their mods?

Also, i would like to lower the car, anyone heard of LO-SUSPENSION springs? I had them on my E46 for about a year and didnt have any problems with them.. Just wondering would i need shorter drop links for this or not? As i did needed it for the E46. Anyone got piks of 40mm drops front and back?

I also would like to wire my JBL Sub/Amp to the factory headunit, anyone got step by steps on which wires to use for the remote and speaker wires on the rca converter?

anyone used 'Racetuning' chip? or any other brands that they would suggest to use (avoiding remap due to price not affordable atm :3sadwalk:)


Thanks in advance