Audi a3 3.2 v6 quattro 04 plate cutting out !! my garage have changed , cam shaft sensors, MAF sensor, Crank shaft sensor and still happening Help !!!

Evening i hope someone can help i have an a3 3.2 v6 quattro 04 plate 89K it first cut out and fault code was cam shaft sensors, garage changed them! then MAF sensor changed it ! then crank shaft sensor and yeah they changed it! car still cuts out on low revs when stopping anywhere!!! engine management light comes on, have been told by other sources that could be stretched timing chain ,but forums say clean throttle body etc, does anybody know someone near Basildon who knows what they are doing????



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I had this issue with mine. Would come to a stop and the car would die. Would then be a pita to start, would have to apply throttle and hold it for it to start, then bang it in gear to get going. Then it would be fine for the next few months. It was intermittent, would just come out on nowhere. EML would be on for a while after then clear on its own.

in the end I cleaned the maf, throttle body and did an alignment and touch wood it hasn’t happened in over 2 years.