Audi A3 3.2 Quattro DSG 2004 (engine light) can anyone help


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Jun 24, 2015
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Can anyone solve this for me, I will apologise now as this is a long story in which I will try and make it short as I possibly can.
My ECP light came on in my car, I took it to my mechanic and he changed the throttle sensor which was out of a TT.
About an hour later I went for petrol and when I started the car up the engine light came on, again went to my mechanics where he plugged it into his diagnostics and it came up cam shaft position Spenser open bank 2, changed that, then engine light came back on we then took it to another car mechanic and it came up oxygen sensors and cam shaft position sensor, we changed the 2 cam shaft position sensors and the 2 oxygen sensors, £350 later got the car back idling faults, car misfiring, all sorts of faults coming up, in the end we got an audi specialist out put the car on VAG diagnostics and we then changed the crankshaft postioton sensor, still the car in same way as it was misfiring etc, so we said to the mechanic put the old oxygen sensors back on and the car is running really well now, But engine light is still on, and these 2 codes are still coming up P2629 and P0018 so I believe one is crank shaft position correlation bank 2 sensor A. And the other one is O2 sensor pumping current trim circuit/ open. Bank 2 sensor 1, please has anyone any idea what it could be that's making engine light stay on and any idea on these 2 codes.
I have heard that if you get cam shaft position senor errors followed by crankshaft position sensor once the cam sensors are replaced its normally the cam shaft chain has stretched out of range and the cam timing is slightly out. I suspose it could also send out the oxygen sensors out if its misfiring as the fuel reading is wrong. I had oxygen sensors errors because I had a hole in exhaust. not cause sensor was broken it was reading out of where it should of been. sometime with codes you need to think what could caue that sensor to report wrongly other than a broken sensor.
hi thanks for reply I hoped it wouldn't be that, as the car drives really well, and the chain isn't noisy, thanks Kev
hi thanks for reply I hoped it wouldn't be that, as the car drives really well, and the chain isn't noisy, thanks Kev
Just out of curiosity is there anyway of having the chain tightened if it is that, can't understand that the car is running smooth and really well should I have any other earnings if it was the chain
it might not be the chain I just saying I have read on hear and a few places where some guys have chased the cam position sensors then once there replaced got a crank position sensor and the end result was the chain. there is a auto adjuster on it so you cant tighten it as its being done continuously. once the adjuster runs out the chain goes loose and that's when the noise or cam timing can go out. I would expect a bit of noise from it but then I have never heard one that's gone so I don't know how sensitive the sensors are. my main area of knowledge is motorcycles (did 13 years as a bike mechanic) and on those once the chain becomes a problem its really noisy. on the bikes we split the chains and run a new one round and then use a soft link to rejoin them but I not heard of anyone doing that on these motors???? I have been told its a motor out to replace it though :( how many miles is on your one ????
my audi has done 108.000 and I bought it private on someone about 6 months ago, but your not the only one saying it might be the chain, I just didn't want to here it, but thanks for the reply ,,, yep I've heard its a big job to get to it, looks like i will just have to get rid, or see how much it's going to cost to get it done. But it's not going to be cheap
Hmmm, sounds very similar to what I went through with my 3.2. If you get Audi to do the work its going to cost you between £1600 to £2k depending on the extent of parts required. I think I paid just under £1700 for everything and that was with discounted labor rates due to the age of the car and they gave a discount on the parts too. Using an indy specialist might save you a bit.
Thanks did they take engine out ? My car is running nice at the moment and no noise coming from chain but I have 2 fault codes and engine light on, because or the age of car not sure if it's worth paying out to get it done, might have to sell it spares or repairs
Thanks very much, you have put my mind at rest a bit now, I'm watching it on ebay and I will get a few quotes...