Audi A3 2014 4 door boot button manual opening not working


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Hi All,

First post here. Apologies for any mistakes or posting it in the wrong place. I've been going around trying to find an answer to my issue but I can't seem to find anything that satisfies my question.

So the situation is, I bought an Audi A3 4 door from a used car dealership. Car was working fine, no issues until one day, a couple of months later when I tried opening my boot manually, it was locked down. I can hear the clicking of the button and I have tried holding the button down and unlocking the doors but nothing seems to work. Currently I can unlock the boot by holding the boot button down on the key fob but it is an issue when I am dropping people off and need to open the boot as I will have to stop the engine just to do so. This has happened quite often now and is beginning to grind my gears. If there was a boot opening button inside the cabin it wouldn't be that much of an issue but there is no button for the boot release (that I know of) and so I have no clue as to what the issue could be.

I am at a point where I feel that I should take it to the dealers, anybody know the cost implications for something such as this?

Thanks all.


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Seems like the electrical mechanism to open the boot fails. They’d probably replace the whole boot “button” unit at the dealer. That’s a pretty easy job, you can do it yourself if you want.

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I had the same problem on my S3 saloon, like yourself boot was working fine then one day nothing! only can open the boot from the key fob.

I had the car checked out by an indy and they found a broken wire which operate the boot handle switch, poor design from Audi, the way the harness was sitting, every time the boot opened it was bending the wire harness and eventually the wire broke.

I need to book the car in with Audi and let them check it out and see if they will do a good will gesture and change the wiring harness as the car is only 4 years old, this should not happen!


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I don't work on cars but if it was me I'd take it to the Audi Dealership of my choice for the issue.