Audi A3 2012 LED License Plate Reverse Light Error


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Hey, my car is a 2012 Audi A3 (3door).
I have purchased the following products from ebay:
I bought LED package specified for my car (interior + license plate), and an LED reverse light.

The interior lights work fine, but the license plate and reverse light throw a burnt light error on the dash,
even though they are "CANBUS \ error free".

Can you help me find those 2 product that definetly won't give a burnt light error?


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You could always just fit resisters to mimic a bulbs resistance

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I am preety sure that you can code with vcds your car for led not to throw errors cause its 2012 model...
Most of 2010/2011 cant be coded and need resistors ...
Check here for thread just for licence plates leds its all explained you just need somebody to code it ... Its few minutes job..

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