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For Sale Audi A3 2011 140BHP

AdamC95 Dec 31, 2017

  1. AdamC95

    AdamC95 Member

    I have for sale a Manual 5 Door 2011 Audi A3 S Line in Blue

    I have owned the car since October 2016 and it currently sits on 95,000 miles

    Being the 140BHP i also believe the car does not have a DPF Filter

    The car has FASH up until 2016 when the cambelt ECT was also replaced in early 2016.

    MOT Due in July. (I will put a full 12month MOT if buyer requires for a bit more peace of mind)

    Since then i have done self services as my brother is a qualified mechanic and i have kept all receipts to prove this.

    In my ownership i have replaced the following;
    New SACHS Dual Mass Fly Wheel & Clutch (approx 2000mile ago)
    Full Service (Major Service) (approx 2000 miles ago)
    New Gearbox Oil (approx 2000 miles ago)
    Wheel Bearing (500 miles)
    CV Joint (500 miles)
    Brake Pads & Discs all around (only done 1000 miles since)
    4x new Avon Tyres (1000 miles ago)

    All this over the past 4 months as you can imagine has cost a small fortune, but on the bright side the car is good for another year till it needs it next service.

    Car has the following options;
    Half leather heated seats
    Auto lights and wipers
    Stop Start (tax is only £30 per year)
    RNSE Sat Nav Headunit
    Rear parking sensors

    As you can imagine the car drives very smooth and quiet but the time has come for me to move on to something better.

    Being completely honest the alloys need a refurbishment and there is also a small scrape on the front bumper where i caught a very high kerb.

    I will try get the above sorted out, however if not i am sure we can come to some sort of arrangement.

    Any questions please dont hesitate to contact me through this website and i can also give you my number through private message to arrange any viewing.

    I will upload some pictures ASAP when it stops crashing, how ever send me a pm and ill message some.

    There is finance outstanding on the car which will be paid off when car is sold (buyer can have proof and receipt of this on collection of car or can speak to the finance company with me)

    Price is £7,900.00

    Located in Leyland, Lancashire

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