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Hey guys, sorry for the long post but I've read a fair bit about similar problems but nothing that quite matches mine. If you could offer some insight then please do!

So this started last week, I hadn't done anything out of the ordinary, just one evening I went into my car and tried to start it up, it worked but then cut out straight away... Obviously the immobiliser, abit confused I tried again and realised the instrument cluster wasn't coming on at all. I checked all the fuses, no problems. My next step was to check the battery voltage, was fine pushing 12.4v. Then I checked all the grounds in the car..... No problem, they all seemed to gave a good connection. I ran am OBD reader and there was no fault codes either.

After this I knew it was out of my knowledge. So I bite my tongue and called a mobile auto electrician out and payed £50 for him to do exactly what I did and come to the same conclusion... The cluster needs replacing or repairing.

I found a company that repair clusters for a fair price and sent it off for repair. After 4 days they repaired it and I had it back from them saying it's fixed now (with a warranty) and was a complete dead unit....£170, still better then getting a new new one and getting audi to reprogram it!!

So I plugged it back in and sods law the battery has gone flat. So I recharged this and plugged it back in and I'm back to square one, car starts but the immobiliser kicks in and the instrument cluster is still not coming on at all!

Can anyone help please?


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Plug another cluster in to test, then it would prove if its the car or cluster again just by the fact any lights come on or not.