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Audi A3 2.0tdi remap

Julius Apr 23, 2020

  1. Julius

    Julius Registered User

    Hello everyone.
    I have audi a3 2tdi only 138BHP. So im thinking to do remap stage 1. But not sure do i need remove dpf and egr. Could anyone recommend or maybe someone have removed both and had some issues? And what about turbos from remap? will survive or do i need have spare money on the side.
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  3. CanadaA3wales

    CanadaA3wales Canadian living in South Wales - Audi A3 8V 150BHP

    I am looking at getting a DTUK unit for my 2.0 150bhp, but race chip offer a really good warranty. (Im in the UK)
    I would be interested in this topic as well.
    I personally have not heard of the DPF remove but I have only just started looking.

    I am trying to achieve 200bph without any major work needed. Need my brakes and full service done before to ensure its super safe as my kids are with me.
  4. Super98

    Super98 Registered User

    A long time ago I remapped a Golf 6 with this engine (or slighly older version?), went to 186hp, only remap no other changes made.
    If you do a stage 1 remap your turbo should be fine. Altough more power automatically means some more wear and heat. Same goes for your clutch etc.
    Warming up oil temp and also cooling down the car after a hard drive will increase the life of your turbo alot. Best to cool down while driving (airflow) instead of stationary.

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