Audi A3 2.0 TFSI remap and other things


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Hi guys ive got a 2006 Audi A3 2.0 TFSI S-Line DSG and obviously im looking to get it mapped!

This is my 2nd car of the same type, the last one was a 2005 sport 2.0 tfsi that I had to send back which in all honesty feels a lot slower than the S-Line I have now... is there a possibility its already mapped? Its 200bh standard but is faster than my Astra 1.9 cdti which was 212bhp... but it doesnt feel 250-260bhp

Ive spoke to Mark at south west in car tech in bristol which is affiliated with Celtic tuning. He remapped my Astra 1.9 CDTI to 212bhp when everywhere else reckoned it couldn't be mapped over 190... so I trust his work, he is extremely knowledgeable and and a top bloke

Hes claiming to get 262bhp out of the A3 with a standard remap, has anyone else used celtic tuning for the 2.0 tfsi on here? I see lots of revo and apr but no celtic tuning on here

Also what other little mods are good? De-cat? Air filter? Even a Carbon clean/Terraclean as its 11 years old now?

Im not looking to take this car over 270bhp because I want to keep the standard internals safe-ish so im not gonna spend a £1000 on a miletek exhaust system

Any info would be appreciated fellow audi lovers

Cornish John

Celtic are well know for there dyno being well over the top. (reading high)

I did my Passat with Celtic they say my 1.9tdi went from 130bhp to 184bhp stage one!!
No way. They recon they would take my A3 from 170bhp to 225bhp stage one, everyone else said between 200bhp to 210bhp stage one.
I also found Celtic remaps to be aggressive in response to power etc.

In the end for my A3 I used REVO, went from 170bhp to 205bhp stage one.
Cost a bit more, but I'm delighted.

I don't think Celtic are that bad, if you use them, take about 25bhp off at the end result.
What will happen, you take your car in as standard, like I did with my Passat, they will do a run.
Then say, oh look your 130bhp is lively, its 155bhp.

Do the remap and it comes out at 184bhp, never is, just there dyno was always high to start with!!
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