Audi A3 2.0 TFSI 2007 Misfiring and stuttering (losing power)


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Hi all,

So I've been having a problem with my A3 for a while now and I'm hoping I'm asking the right people for some advice.

The problem I'm experiencing.

Mostly when the car is cold (but it does happen when the car is warmed up) I intermittently lose power and the car starts to stutter.. It tends to happen in lower gears, 2nd and 3rd and as a temp fix I change gear. This is happening intermittently. Another thing I notice is that when the car is running (in idle) is feels like at some points it could cut out (although it never has).

So far I've checked on a VAG machine and it's registering a misfire on cylinder 4. Initially I thought it was a coil pack problem.. so I replaced the coil pack on cylinder 4 and all the spark plugs. I actually thought this had fixed the problem but a day later it started misfiring again.

Upon further inspection it seems that it's not just cylinder 4 that's misfiring although this is the only one misfiring enough to register as an error.

I've had my compressions checked which came back good.

Any ideas what this could be? Could it be a blocked injector? Any help advice would be much appreciated!!!




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Could be the rest of coil packs, you'll find that you change one and then all the rest will go down at some point soon after. Had it myself changed one then had to do the rest of them.


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Thanks for the quick response. Will try replacing the coil packs. Will let you know foxy if I need. I'll update this thread and let you know how I get on.