Audi a3 2.0 tdi sport brake discs sizes so confused!


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Hello guys i have been searching for somew new drilled brake discs to buy but there were alot of sizes available soni called up my local audi garage and the part codes they gave me in order for me to see if they are right were:

the rear disc part number is: 1k0615601A
the front disc part number is:1k0615301t
the fronts are coming up as 288mm confirmed but i cant seem to find the mm length for the rears its not coming up, i was hoping you guys can help, what is it size for the rears, i dont want
to buy the wrong ones there is 255mm 260mm and 282mm?
the car is a audi a3 8p 2005 reg sport 2.0 tdi 3 door:)

Thanks in advance:)!


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My 2.0TDI Sportback 2006 is using 288mm Front, 255mm Rear, so I suspect yours is the same.


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ooh ok I hope so, i wanted to buy it this saturday so they can send it out first thing on monday, but ill just ring audi to make sure


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mine also are 288 front and 255 rear...
i have the grooved brembo max discs on them which will be coming off the car very soon and up for sale as i am upgrading to larger brakes


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Im sure mine are 312s. Pd170