Audi A3 2.0 TDi - Glowplug Warning Indication


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Hi all, I have A3 2.0 TDi which started giving yesterday glowplug warning light indication. Later on when my wife was driving home, it stopped in the middle of the road and got towed away to my home. I could not find any mechanic until Saturday who could have a look at it... any suggestions?


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What year & is this a 140 or 170 engine?


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What year & is this a 140 or 170 engine?
Hi mate!
Its 2008 model and 2.0 TDi not sure whether its 140 or 170.
But I got it towed to a European cars mechanic on Saturday and he looked at it. He called me and told that its a big damage:
1. Its high pressure fuel pump is broken
2. Its Turbo Charger is damaged
3. Its Fuel Filter is damaged.

I was totally shocked to know this kind of big damage on the car which we bought only 8 months ago with not even single issue. How can a normal driving car can have such a huge damage... and its driven only 65000kms.

I have had many Japanese cars like Honda and Toyota which I drove for upto 300,000 kms without any engine issue. This is for the first time, we bought Audi and feeling miserable.

Any suggestions and help would be highly appreciated.