Audi A3 2.0 TDi 170 Quattro Buying Really Need Advice


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Hi Im looking at the car in question. Its 2007 model and has had services at 15k, 30k, 52k and 62k.

I will be doing mainly short journeys, however I will be driving long distances on weekends maybe 20 miles to and from my destination, so 40 miles.I will also be going to London some weekends which will be 30 miles each way.

I will be commuting from august for work 30 miles each way for a year; 5 days a week. But after next year I don't know if I will be travelling this many miles. I will be doing around 10k miles per year at the moment, and perhaps 15k per year from August.

Are there any known problems with this model? Will it suffer DPF problems? I want a petrol but hard to find what Im looking for in terms of added extras etc.

what should I be looking to pay for a 2007 with 65k on the clock? As prices vary so much :think:

Any advice will be appreciated, I am really interested in the car but so unsure, don't want to have any problems down the line.
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I own one of these and it sounds like the journeys that you plan to do are also quite similar to mine. I do 20 miles each way to work and back, and 130 miles each way once or twice a month.

You do need to be very careful when it comes to the DPF and also the injectors. Any of the cars you look at should have had the injector recall done, and if this is done incorrectly, it can cause you an absolute nightmare, in terms of the way the car runs, DPF, turbo problems etc (there are plenty of threads about if you do a search)

Prices do seem to vary greatly depending on the spec, also 3 door's generally seemed to be rarer so more expensive. I knew exactly what I wanted and was lucky to find the spec I did, but I did pay a premium price for it!

I have actually put mine up for sale, no reason other than I fancy a bigger car. I'm still not 100% I want to sell it, hence no photos yet, but give me a shout if you are interested, or if I can help with any other questions about the cars in general.

This is mine: