Audi a3 170 2.0tdi 09 missed dsg oil change


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Hi looking at buying the above car...

Its on 96k but seems it missed the dsg oil change at 80k. Its had the dsg oil changed at 40k. Should I risk it? Are these cars ok at these mileages with dsg?


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What else has it missed ?. You are asking the question because you know this is an issue. Probably thousands of older cars around that haven't had the gearbox oil changed every 40K. They still have issues even if it's done every 40K.
If the price and general condition is good it might be worth a punt. There are plenty of used A3's around though so it won't take long to find another.


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Should be ok, just change the oil pronto. Also listen carefully for any whine and jerky gear changes.