Audi A3 1.8 TFSI S-Line stereo/media


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Jan 3, 2012
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Hey guys,

I'm new to this forum/Audi scene - upgrading from a Ford Focus - my first car.

I'm looking to buy an A3 1.8 TFSI S-Line (****-ache to find one) and I'm having second thoughts about the audio system. Can you guys give any advice...

Which stereo does the S-Line tend to come with? Obviously certain models may have optional extras that others don't but which is the common standard?

Is the standard headunit any good with regards to sound? Same questions about the standard speakers?

Also, whats the crack with audio interfaces on the standard HU? Aux? USB? If it has either connection does the HU display track info etc?

Thanks for whatever help you can give guys.

one here if your looking for a 5 door, might sell for the right ££
Depends what year as to what head unit you get, if you go for a pre 2007 you get either chorus II (cassette) Concert II (CD) or Symphony II (6CD Changer) head unit these don't take mp3 cds or have an aux jack, post 2007 you get chorus, concert and symphony III which play mp3 cds and i think have an aux jack. Standard sound in a 3 dr is 6 speakers and decent enough for a base system but some cars have bose as an option and that is awesome, you get a sub and centre channel speaker and it sounds amazing and i wouldn't go without it

I've got the 3 door 1.8TFSI S-Line
All the above depends on how the car was ordered tbh.
Mine came with Bose and the MP3 Headunit with iPod Dock in the glovebox (No AUX) [now upgraded to RNS-E] will vary from car to car
Is the retrofit for the RNS-E complex? I know its quite expensive?

Can you retrofit the BOSE system or is too hard to do because of the central dash speaker?
RNS-E cost me about £450 all in (£370 for Unit and £80 fitting/coding from Nige)
Not complex at all, pretty much plug-and-play
Don't know about BOSE..
Would you say the RNS-E is worth the money compared to what was in there before?
Nav, colour screen, music on SD cards, traffic reports, phone prep etc
Is it easily programmable or does it require qualified Audi input?
Cheers - is the VCDS just the cable or is it the cable and something else as well?