Wanted Audi A2


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I'm looking for an Audi A2... Preferences in no particular order ...
1. Excellent condition inside and out ( may possibly be OK with some minor bodywork/paint)
2. FSH
3. Panoramic Roof that works
4. Sport model
5. Rear parking sensors
6. Later version with 'grille'
7. Under 100,000 miles
8. Colours silver, grey, blue, black
9. Standard wheels 17in or 16in
10. Climate control
11. Not sure on engine, they all have pros and cons. Tdi for cheap tax, 1.6FSi better performance, 1.4 ???
12. Preferably within a couple of hours of Bristol (100 miles)
13. No silly prices...unless all 12 preferences are met!!!

Email... taden22100@gmail.com