audi a2 steering wheel


im looking to get a 3 spoke steering wheel off a audi a3. Does anyone know would if it would fit a A2 ok?


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What model of A2 do you have? As i'm not entirely sure if an a3 would fit, however the A2 sport comes with a leather stitched 3 spoke steering wheel, i'm sure that would fit.


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Yeah that makes sense, the SE has a 4 spoke non-leather wheel I think.

This is the 3 spoke Sport wheel that is standard on the A2 Sport, they will probably come up on ebay soon enough. it looks massive in this pic but its smaller than the standard wheel i think, its just the camera angle


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thats the same wheel as my a3 sport id be suprised if they changed the fittings on them as it will keep the manufactoring costs down abit