audi a2 1.4tdi problem


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Hi, bear with me new to this. Have a lovely little a2 that seems to have aquired a problem. Light on dashboard, when checked came up code p3103. Tried looking on the internet but varied reviews, i need to know what it exactly means, do i need to get it replaced and will it be costly or can it be cleaned. Friend of mine says it will be a big job as not sure how to find it .
Hope you can help.:crying:


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Sorry can't help, if you had a light on the dash, doesn't that suggest what it is, along with your code? I don't have VAG com, but ask in the technical section perhaps someone can


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/P3103 - Motor for Intake Manifold Flap (V157), Malfunction
Possible Symptoms

  • Higher fuel consumption
  • Insufficient acceleration above 100-120 kmh
  • Shutting off the engine is not nice and easy
Possible Causes

  • Intake Manifold Flap (V157) or the motor for V157 doesn't work well.
Possible Solutions

  • Check wiring and connections
  • Check / Replace V157, but probably you have to replace the whole EGR


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i take it if you dont have vagcom you cant do an actuator test/basic setting on the throttle valve? if you unplug the motor, pull the pipe off, can you move the flap by hand? does it feel seized notchy or like its not connected to the motor?
theres little plastic cogs inbetween the motor and the flap these strip themselves etc, meaning the motor still moves but the flap doesnt and the position sensor picks up on it.