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Audi A1 Upgraded LED Lights

HSP Apr 11, 2012

  1. HSP

    HSP 3rd Gear

    Small upgrade to the girlfriends A1... LED interior lights, number plate Lights and headlight bulbs... all supplied by EM Tuning (T8ups)



    OEM LED board in Green and EM Tunings LED board in white... you can see the difference


    8 LED board fitted in the boot which is a much brighter and whiter light that covers the whole boot space


    Glove box LED Upgrade


    As the car was an ex-demo it did not have Xenon headlights so the next best thing was to put Ice White Halogen bulbs in the headlights and upgrade the Fog lights, the only thing missing now is a LED DRL bulb which should be here soon.. (Supplied by EM Tuning)



    OEM LED Number Plate lights added with a specially made loom as the car had the standard housing.. (Supplied by EM Tuning)

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  2. RoxyFaigley

    RoxyFaigley New Member

    :beerchug: led strip!
  3. amar06fbr

    amar06fbr Vorsprung Durch Technik

    T8ups the man for LED bulbs :icon_thumright:

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