Audi A1 rear parking assist stopped working (weirdly)


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after a few months of buying a second hand 2015 A1 Sportback, I got a problem on my rear bumper sensors or generally rear parking assist (the only one installed) stopped working.

At first a few days ago when engaging reverse it was doing the first usual beep to signal reverse (or parking assist), and it was working, but then the first beep was happening also every few seconds, independently from the parking warning beeps if something was nearby.

I thought was weird as usually it does a first beep when reverse is engaged, then nothing else unless obviously I'm near something and the usual beeps start telling me how near.

Now when I engage reverse it doesn't do any sound, and surely enough the park assist is not working anymore (nothing happened in the meantime on the car). I have a Carista OBD and running diagnostics as well I get nothing, and I can't see any error message appearing anywhere.

What you think is the problem? Why OBD doesn't tell me anything about this? (and I know it works as other times it told about other sensors not working that I got repaired -ac to be specific).

Also yesterday at some point start/stop was not working, meaning that car wasn't shutting down and neither the barred A icon was I tried disengaging the start/stop (with the button on dashboard) and re-engaging it again, and it said on dashboard screen that there was a failure and start/stop was not it works I'm now a bit alarmed.

Any thoughts?


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In addition to this, I realised just yesterday that also the reverse light don't work seems like the reverse gear works but doesn't tell anymore the car that is in reverse??

Considering that the OBD doesn't find any broken sensor??