Audi A1 GB 2019 A/C automatic retrofit


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I'm looking for a retrofit and i'm looking for infos.

I have an A1 30TFSI edition one with manual A/C and i would like to retrofit the automatic one.
I've seen that an italian guy succeded for the A3 8V >
After looking at what he did, I went to see ETKA to find out the ref of the part to order. This is the following ref for my case because I have the option of heated seats> 83A820043A.

Then, I wanted to see if it was the same diagram for the new A1 as for its A3 8V pre FL. And it's a nice surprise that we have there because a priori, Audi has not planned to differentiate the accessories and the wiring between the two options. Unlike the A3, on this A1 it looks like plug and play. Everything seems to be installed by default. Wiring and probes. In any case, on ETKA, there is only one diagram regardless of the air conditioning model.

I am looking for information before starting the procedure