Audi A1 2019 Faulty Electric Window Master Switch


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Nov 3, 2021
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Hi, The electric window master switch on my wife's 2019 A1 has gone faulty and none of the windows will operate via the unit. The switches themselves have gone 'limp', so i believe it to be mechanical failure rather than electrical. I called Audi and they want £168 just to look at it and advise what the issue may be. The car is just out of warranty (4 months) and they said that they may be able to contact Audi to see if they will shoulder some of the expense however, i'm not holding out much hope. The cost of the part is £60 plus the labor, so this plus the diagnostic fee would probably be in the region of about £300. I've looked online and the master switch appears to be similar across the VAG range and you can pick them up for as little as £15. Therefore, i'm wondering if i should get an OEM unit and have a go myself. The problem is, i have little experience with car maintenance so wouldn't know how to remove the door card without potentially causing more issues.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated or if there are any technically minded peps on here who live within the Stoke-on-Trent area, who would be willing to have a go at repairing it for me (for a price obviously) that would be awesome.