Audi A1 2019 Cabin Filter


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Anyone knows how to access the new A1's air filter? It supposed to be behind the glove box, but I cant seem to remove it and online documentation is non existent for this new model as of yet.


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I can't imagine it being different to any other VAG car, you're looking for the two slide-y locking bits and then pull the cover off,

Might to lay in the footwell and look up with a smartphone torch on,

Why are you looking to change it already?


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Yes, I would have thought so, but it is quite different indeed.
Accessing the filter cannot be done from the underside of the glovebox:
IMG 2625
There is nothing there. This new A1 is based on the new MQB platform and its nothing like the previous ones.

Instead it should be done by removing the glove box first. Unfortunately the only guide I've found that suggested this method was for a VW:
Now with this there should be a clip at both top right and top left corners of the glovebox, and uncliping them should be the key to remove it, but this is just not the case with the A1:
IMG 2626

As for why I want to change it, well I don't, not yet, I just want to make sure I will be able to once I want to. Also want to double check if there is a carbon filter installed or just a normal one and replace it with a carbon filter in case its a bog standard in there.