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Audi A1 - 2011 MMI help

Zeocool Mar 28, 2019

  1. Zeocool

    Zeocool New Member

    hi first time forum user please be kind.
    I’ve recently bought a 2011 Audi A1.
    I’m wanting more information about the MMI.
    Now mine isn’t fitted with sat nav and only has one SD card slot.
    I’ve been trying to find out if the firmware can be updated as I find Bluetooth connection isn’t always smooth.
    So I’ve been trying to find which version MMI I have. However when I go into Set-up and scroll down to version it just has a question mark...
    I’ve tried resetting to factory and the 3 button click to restart the MMI but no luck

    So questions

    Can my MMI be updated? Or is that saved for ones with satnav
    If so what version do I have and how do I get the real version number up

    Thanks in advance

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