Audi A1 1.4 TFSI (COD) hesitation


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Hi all

I recently got the timing belt done in Audi for my mums wee A1. It is a 2014 1.4TFSI with COD.

It was cheaper than previously expected as the water pump is not on the same side as the timing belt etc so at least that was something and with Audi doing it, was supposed to give peace of mind.

Now, both mum and me have been on and off shielding and just being plain sensible in between but she was out in it shortly after the belt was done and told me that it felt "odd". This is my mum we are speaking about here, she has driven cars with flat tyres for miles and not noticed. lol

Ultimately, the car was parked up shortly after and not driven (at all) and I told her I would check it once safe to do so before we spoke to Audi.

So, a couple of weeks ago, I managed to steal it from her and I immediately saw what she was talking about.

1st gear seems fine but when you move into 2nd gear and start to move through the rev range, the car sputters a bit under 3k rpm but when it gets to around 4k rpm, it basically hits a wall and splutters through until 5k. Honestly, as a french car driver, it feels like a misfire.

Now, I am always very conscious about driving a car hard when cold but, driving up to around 4-5k would not be something too far in my opinion............unless you think that is wrong.

To pick up on that, it does it at random times when the car is fully up to temperature as well.

So the car was thrown back to Audi to investigate and after a week of testing (yes, a week) they said that they could not recreate it. Alarm bells started ringing as soon as they started to explain to me that the car had cylinder on demand.

I had to point out that COD does not trigger under full throttle and even if it did (which it doesn't) the A1 tells you when it is in 2 cylinder mode on the dash.

He advised that there were no codes stored on the ECU so there isn't anything being flagged as an issue by the car. But there is clearly something wrong.

It's awkward as I really cannot be in a car with someone else so cannot bring a tech out etc. (shielding) They suggested I take it and see how it goes and we could pick it up if guidelines change.

As soon as I left with the car, within a mile or so, it did it.

My main concern was that they have cocked the timing but what makes me doubt that is when the car does not misfire, it drives well. If the timing was toss it wouldn't do that.

So, to the VAG smarties out there, what could it be?

I suspect coils, injectors, COD servos or some bucked wiring but just don't know

The fact is, this didn't happen before the TB was done. I know. I drove it down. Briskly.


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Since the issues started when the timing belt was changed, that would be first place to investigate - checking timing, tensioner and valves for signs of damage.

I am no expert on these engines but random thought - could the cam (one or both) be stuck in COD/ACT mode. The ECU would only register 2 cylinder mode if it had activated the solenoids to slide the cams. In theory this should reset the cams after the ECU engages 2 cylinder mode and then disengages it. Also worth checking the ACT solenoids and pins.