Audi 8P3 LED DRL/SIDELIGHT upgrade bulb


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can I reserve a set of 20w and headlight bulbs to match.


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Here is the difference! I havnt a clue where the bulbs came from on the right. But i dont think there standard?

Here is the 20w too the left! and the ones i took out on the right.

And a again! Clearly see the difference! New one's in the driver's side!

And all done! Look fantastic! Defiantly recommend!



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Hi mate just wondering how bright the 9w ps19w bulb is for ..? Looking 2 buy 1's for my 2009 A3. Which 1's would u recommend? Bought 1's off eBay they're not very good turning on then not working. Bit of a pain!
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Any pics of these on a Ice Silver car?

I do!

Thanks to Trups I got these fitted, prompt delivery as always and I'm very happy with the results.

I will post some daylight pics of both tomorrow.

Totally transform the front of the car, hoping to get some Osrams in tomorrow also.




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Hi mate do you have these for the A4 B8? I think they use P13W, 2 per headlight.

How much would they be? thanks


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They are 9W each, work error free and will be a direct swap over.


9w would they not be dimmer than the 13w halogen?


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If I got higher watt would it be ok for the wiring


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Hi Trups, I'm looking to buy a set of the bulbs you're selling here. I just need to decide which first!

Fairy basic question coming up; I take it that the 9w CREEs are less bright than the 20W CREEs?

Also, I take it that the 35W halogens less bright than one or both of the CREEs?

I would compare from the pictures in this thread, but the links to the 35W halogens seem to be dead!


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The 35w halogen has been discontinued due to a fitment issue I found when fitting so have not restocked on them so its just the 2 LED versions I sell.

The 9w is rated the same brightness as stock so you would not loose the brightness over the stock bulb, the 20w is double the brightness and is what most members here go for.

both 9w and 20w are in stock.


Steve 891

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Hi t8ups
I'm looking for some Cree bulbs for my 2011 A3
Ideally I would like to replace all the factory fit with Cree bulbs, DLR, side dipped, main and fogs
Which Cree bulbs would I need and how much including P&P


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Mate how much for side lights for a3 8p 2004