Audi 8P 1.8T Black Smoke!!


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hi all!

I have an audi 2010 a3 8p black edition 1.8TFSI petrol around 70k milage. Been running a dream since i got it at 30k, regular services no major work

However - it RUNS through oil. Id say 5L every 2-3 months. Ive coped but enough is enough.

Also - when idle and rev the car - puffs of black smoke come out as well as white!! Warning signs??

When idle slight vibration/hesitation but no drops in revs.

Coolant is the same level

No error codes as of yet

Any help would be hugely appreciated!!!


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Do a google search on 1.8tfsi oil usage. Unfortunately it’s a relatively common issue on this generation of the EA888 engine. New rings typically fix the issue and there have been reports of members here and the public getting Audi to foot the bill but I can’t imagine it’s a straight forward process. Audi can however do an oil consumption test to validate its over consuming.


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As Sam says, it is possible that Audi would do an oil consumption test for you but I bet they would want to see a full Audi service history.
Depending on the outcome, you could try a more viscous grade of oil so it is slightly thicker when it is warm. This would be a 5W - 40 rating. I have done this with our TT 2.0 TFSI and the oil consumption has reduced.
The black smoke is unburnt fuel occurring as you blip the throttle. I’ve seen quite a lot of cars do this.
Go to see Audi but buying oil is a lot cheaper than an engine rebuild.


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2.0 TSI engines are not as much a problem with oil consumption compared to 1.4 and 1.8 motors. Mine uses virtually no oil over a year doing 8k miles a year, about a mug full of oil.
Only proper fix is new piston rings I’m afraid.


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Thank you all. I did imagine something to do with a head rebuild. I’ll contact Audi. Anyone got any tips? & around 5L yeah! I do a lot of miles. But still!


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A lot of articles have been written about Excessively high oil consumption.
There are even some websites dedicated to it.
I'm booked in for Part One of the Audi Oil Consumption Test on Jan 14 2020 [I'm in Australia]
My car has 203,000 km and using oil 1 litre per 500km. 2010 A3 8P Gen2 CDAA EA888
There is black soot over the back of the car and I'm leaving it there for Audi to see it.

These 4 sites explain the manufacturer parts issues that cause the problem far better than I can.

The best thing to do when experiencing a problem is to contact Audi [INSERT COUNTRY] Customer Service via the Main Website Contact Page.
Before you ask at Audi, do some more research on your own be aware of what remedies have been offered in your own country.
Always be courteous and professional, ask politely for a Case Reference Number to be assigned to your complaint.

Posted in Whirlpool:- it is in AUSTRALIA
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Audi Centre
paid for 90% of my new Piston and Rings in 2016 when my 2009 A4 Quattro was using oil.
It had 90,000ks on the clock and had been serviced by Audi. They were very good about it didn't hassle me.
Quote was a $9,000 job. I didn't mind paying 10% as the car was 4 years out of warranty.

I think the car requires 1 liter of oil when the light comes on. Your oil consumption will probably get worse.
I wonder if it has something to do with the
Australian fuel as we have 5 times the sulfur in 98 ron
( and 15 times in the cheaper fuel ) more than is allowed in Europe.

The new 2.0TFSI is a great engine I've done 60,000ks without having to top up the oil and my exhaust tips still look like new."


  • Audi Technician will Scan the car to check for any system faults, drain the oil and weigh it, before refilling to the exact level.[I'm not sure whether new Specified 5W30 Full Synthetic Oil is used and a new Oil filter] If it's due for a Service, they might charge for that too.
  • Drive the car for up to 1,000 km without adding any oil OR until the Oil Level warning light appears, whichever occurs first.
  • When the Low Oil Light illuminates, drive back to the Audi Dealer for the continuation of Part One as soon as possible.
  • Continuation of Part One involves draining the engine oil and weighing again, to determine the rate of Oil Consumption against Kilometers Travelled before Part Two can be completed.
  • If it fails the Part One Test, meaning that the vehicle has higher than acceptable oil consumption and exceeds the manufacturers' specification it will go to Stage Two
  • There is a total cost of AUD$214.50 for [Part One] of the test unless the car was due for a Service at the time.
  • If it fails Part One and if the vehicle is due for its Normal Service or close to it we [ACC] will then quote for whatever repairs are required.
  • If a Service is due or close I will be asked to pay that amount in advance before proceeding further.
  • A determination will be made for the amount that Audi will possibly offer to contribute toward the costs of repair based upon Service History
  • [Service Manager] had stated in his response, this will depend on age, mileage and service history of the vehicle.
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As all the affected engines are now all 8 years old at least, Audi will most probably say it’s because the car is at the end of its life. Can’t see much help being offered now unless the transport dept. of each country steps in and forces Audi to honour known oil consumption problems. The USA, Oz and Canada recognise the problem but in the UK they don’t care much, Rip Off Britain as usual.


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