audi 80 cutting out (1992 80 B3 2.0 8v sport)


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hello people.
every day when i drive my car to work it all ways cuts out at the same place. it is very iritating because it is allways at a junction as i come of the throttle and put the clutch down. it is like it is incapable of idling and it only really does it when it is cold. i cleaned out the idle control valve, replaced dizzy cap, rotor arm, temp sensors all to no avail. any help would be greatly apreciated (its driving me mad!).


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Hey there eddolls,

I'm pretty sure we have the same car, with the exact same problem!

I haven't managed to fix mine either, I've had a new Distributor and tried 2 different ECU's which didnt fix it and new plugs which again did nothing.

I've taken out what I think to be the ECU Relay according to these wonderful pictures here and am going to resolder the joints.

Let me know if you get it fixed and i'll do the same!