Audi 80 B3 FWD to quattro conversion


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Hi guys. New to the forum.

I'm looking for advice on a quattro conversion.

Wondered if anyone has either done it before or knows what is required.

I have a 1990 B3 80 sport with the 2.0 8v engine. Wondered if the platform lends itself to fitting all the running gear, suspension, sub frames (etc) from an S2 or similar, without major fabrication? I have seen someone do it with a B4 80 but not sure if the chassis platforms are the same or not. If it didn't require a huge amount of cutting/welding then Id try to source the necessary parts, but if it is going to be a major then I'd probably just fix her up as standard and use it as a daily.

Any help would be appreciated.

Audi 80