Audi 80 2.0E Engine problem


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Jan 22, 2006
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Rotherham, S Yorks
Hi all,

Well my trusty audi has decided to play ill after almost 3 years of faultless service.

I will try and describe it best I can

When I start in morning, it starts OK. If then drive no more than 1 mile the car cuts out to tick over, engine producing no revs when acc pedal pressed. Tickover is very rough, and is hunting between 500-750 rpm. There is a popping noise coming from air filter area. A combination of starting and stopping finally gets rid of the problem and it drives without missing a beat afterwards. It appears the problem goes the more the temp rises but strangely starts OK when clot cold. Its like that in between point.

Any ieads guys? I need to have car working 100% as I'm coming to GTI Inters next week. Would fault codes help?
It could be a temperature sender (the blue one mounted off the side of the head) or a lambda probe wiring short, but I would check out the ecu relay first, these are notorious for poor soldering which leads to various problems depending on the part of the circuit board affected.
The relay is mounted on the plate under the dash, you need to remove the panel above your shins to get to it. Pictures in this thread:
AUDI B4 2.0E problem -

They are only approx £11 to renew but resoldering any flakey joints should also cure it.

Fault codes do not pick up this relay problem, but may help if it is ther temp sender or a short to the lambda probe.
All sorted now, must have been some dodgy fuel. Problem went away after full tank at different station. Keeping well away from that garage

Thanks scotty