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Audi 3.0 TDI sline

Timwalton0077 Jul 15, 2018

  1. Timwalton0077

    Timwalton0077 New Member

    Hi guys new to all this but going someone out there can shed a bit of light on to problems I'm having with this 3.0 TDI V6
    History of the car
    It's a 3.0tdi V6 A4 saloon silver with 194000 miles
    Problem was it had fuel oil dilution to an excess of the car holds 6.9 LTRs of oil nearly 12 LTRs came out so massive oil dilution which inturn popped the oil cooler then oil in water
    How ever changed oil cooler refreshed water oil oil filter now all good in that department
    Now back to the cause
    I put it down to a excessive leaking injector s
    With blow by pulling fuel into the sump
    Symptoms I have with the car presently are
    Lack of power
    Wobble shaking idle
    Will not review passed 1500 to 2000 revs
    I have disconnected the cat from the turbo and it freely revs up and beyond
    This give me the thought of blocked cat with all oil and fuel so I dug it all out and resealed the can
    I have changed all injectors and recode using obd 11
    Before changing injectors the measuring blocks 13 .14 where as follows

    Cylinder 1 5.13
    2 . 0.52
    3 . 0.66
    4 -3.44
    5 . 2.49
    6 . -4.39
    Now this is telling me injectors we miles apart and need replacing
    I swapped over the injectors with anothr set these had been tested and appeared fine
    Reset the codes and fired her up
    New readings with these injectors

    1 4.06
    2 2.22
    4 -4.49
    5 2.16
    6 - 3.22
    I'd there anyone that can shed any light on this help would be much appreciated
    Thank you and Lok forward to hearing from you

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