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Audi 200 20v '89 Turbo Quattro Restoration Project [Estonia]

Kermo Dec 12, 2018

  1. Kermo

    Kermo New Member

    hi guys!
    I have a video of my fathers new Audi 200 20v Turbo being restored, this video is PART 1 of the build :blush:

    I was wondering that maybe some classic Audi enthusiasts would like to see what's going on with the build. Currently the car has been painted, engine, turbo checked and a donor 1991 V8 (with black leather interior and has all the optional extras) has been bought. I will soon be doing a PART 2 video, so you guys can check my channel soon for another video.
    Here are some pictures:
    Audi 200 freshly painted

    Audi V8 4.2 donor

    P.S! Check out my fathers 1/4 mile test run with his 700HP Audi 200 20v @ 43PSI/3BAR (has NOS also :yes:) video:
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  3. Kermo

    Kermo New Member

    It has been 1 year since the last video, here's how far the restoration is at!

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