Audi 2.5tdi V6 Allroad. Repair or Scrap?


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BAU engine EYJ gearbox, 5 speed automatic. Gearbox failed ....again! Car otherwise ok, both front new airsprings and compressor in last few months. done 180,000miles. Have ruled out buying another new gearbox but is it worth getting one from a breakers and having it fitted? The gearbox I have found at a breakers has done 110,000miles.

love the car, want to fix it but is it a waste of money?

current gearbox (Audi remanufactured) was fitted 3 years ago and it itself was a guarantee replacement on one that I have fitted 4 years ago (Audi remanufactured).

Now have no reverse, only limp mode in forwards, the gearbox oil is black & burnt smelling, loads of metal fragments on oil and a loose nut & bolt in the pan!!! I suspect Audi messed up making it and the nut/bolt has worked itself loose and whatever it is supposed to be holding has got grinded.

if your interested there are photos that the garage took. type calibre autos taunton into google and see their facebook page.