Audi 2.5tdi shake on idle and at 70 85mph


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Dec 19, 2007
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Hi All

I have a rough running audi tdi 2.5 on idle and at 70mph to 85mph and would like some clarification. The cars mounting are all fine this is a purely a running issue with the engine.

Some of the suggestions are as follows:

1) actuator
2) Injector blocked
3) Wiring loom???

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
Hi Mike M

I have heard this on another board regarding this. Ive just had the engine rebuilt would it be that they have not put something back?
yeh sounds like fly wheel to me, do the 2.5 have a clutch release bearing for the Dual mass, if so then defo that !!
They certainly do have a release bearing. I have recently replaced mine and it was a 750 bill for dual mass and 3 piece clutch kit all LUK fitted with a gear box oil change

Thanks for responding just to understand why would it do this? The car is a auto and one idle it shakes no clutch engaged and at 70 80mph just trying to understand why this happens.
This turned out to be a bucked rear wheel. As a temp fix had the wheel balanced.