Audi 2.0 TFSI Quattro Auto mpg - what do you get? Please post.


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I am calling on the forum members help. I have owned my Audi A5 2.0 TFSI Quattro since March this year. Overall I am really satisfied with the cars spec but the one thing I have been annoyed with is the fuel usage. Audi recommended the 2.0 turbo as they said it was the right balance of power versus good fuel economy.

Ever since we have had the car we seem to be getting very poor MPG. Round town we seem to get between 19-23 and then on the motorways on a long run we only get 28-29 mpg. I originally reported this to Audi after a month and we had been told to run the car for 3000 miles and then feedback. This has not got any better, so last week the car has gone into the dealers to be looked at.

We now have Audi UK looking at the car to try and determine if there is something wrong with it?

Would really appreciate as many people as possible posting up what MPG's your getting so we can help prove we have issues with our car.


Audi Dynamik

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It alls depends on how you drive it, if you accelerate hard everywhere you are bound to use more fuel, also the weight of driver may affect it, ;et me know how you get on :)

stuart scott

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I had the same problem but did'nt let audi test the car .my car now has 19000 miles on the clock (10 plate), recently on a run got 37 mpg, 55 litres to 450 miles ,only 60 miles done on the motorway.So maybe you have to run it a bit longer to get better mpg